Feedback on 8 year old

This is a video of a few warm up pitches during a game this spring. Any feedback is appreciated. At the time of this video he is a couple of months past his eighth birthday so I’m mostly concerned with the safety of his arm.
However, if you see anything that would be helpful with control or velocity, please let me know. Thanks in advance for helpful comments.

How much pitching does he do?
He certainly looks like a good player, very athletic for 8
Nothing fundamentally wrong with his delivery.

jdfromfla, thanks for your reply. To answer your question, “how much does he pitch?”, I’m not sure how to answer that. All I can do is give you a little info. He plays for an eight year old USSSA team. They try to play two weekends and then off one weekend. There are ten kids on his team and 8 usually pitch every tournament. My son sometimes pitches on Friday nights, (if we are scheduled on Friday), but less than three innings. And he will usually start an elimination game on Sunday. He will pitch as long as he is effective or until his pitch count is reached. He pitches on Saturday only in relief but very seldom.

I am wondering if his hand break is too early, and therefore if his throwing arm is getting up too early and putting stress on his elbow. I can post a more isolated video of him from a different angle if you or anyone would be willing to take a look. I tried to post video that didn’t show other kids faces or names on jerseys out of respect for other parents and kids.

Thanks again for any helpful feedback.

Be careful when using innings as the measure of workload. If you son throws just 2 innings on Friday night but throws 25 pitches per inning, he should really have more than just one day’s rest before pitching again.

Sounds like you should get yourself a clicker and count your son’s pitches. As a starting point, use the recommendations on][u]ASMI’s website[/u