Fear, laziness or something else re: long toss throwing?

Which of these do you think is the reason some pitchers don’t long toss? And by long toss, I mean throw the baseball at a distance at least twice the distance of the pitching mound to home plate (i.e., 120 feet for pitchers on the big field or ~90 feet for Little League pitchers).

Big league pitchers all long toss. College pitchers long toss… and yet many high school kids and youth pitchers still don’t. What about you?

I’m 51 and can still get it 250’ :lol: not for a half hour or more like I used to but to me long toss is a joy…the fun of being able to just let it loose…I remember when my son was 15, throwing foul pole to foul pole to just blow folks away… :smiley: …heck I was impressed…then there were the times he’d get tic’d or something and loft it completely out of the park :shock: …little jerk… :wink:

So, why is it a problem if they don’t? The corollary to that is, what are the benefits of long toss?

Fear of injury maybe, not doing it properly, maybe strength too.

alot of pitchers in my 14 year old league dont long toss because they are lazy sadly most kids my age would rather talk about call of duty then go out and play catch :?


Son, Little Leaguer, started long-toss early in the season. After one throw he felt a pain in his elbow. Turned out to be Little League Elbow. He’s OK now and pitching but since then he doesn’t long toss.