FB velosoty

Whats yor FB velosity

i throw about 59 and on good days up to 62.
i am 5 2 and 108 pounds

i throw 60-70 but i have tendenitis in my elbow

im also 12

then you must have really good freaking mechs

im 5 ft 7 in and weigh about 165 big for my age…im 13 but im more of a power pitcher. i run it up in the low 70’s high 60’s

whats your arm slot

my arm slot is somewhere between 3/4 and over the top. i generate a lot of momentum with my size and good mechanics help me to throw hard.

i throw 55 tops i think? that was last year. so a lot more.

when i rear back and give it every single thing i can throw a lot harder probably

im 14, 5"10, 140 pounds and i throw consistently 80

timmy#2 - That’s very good. I’m curious how do you think your velocity is compared to other pitchers in your league and team??

well, i am our #2 starter for our varsity team, i play in shawnee, oklahoma, at shawnee high school. i didnt throw near as hard last spring, maybe 65-67 and i threw alot of curves. then, after season, i focused on just my fastball, i probably threw 15-20 curves during may 10th to idk, june 5th? but, our last day of school, we got a week off, between school and summer ball, i didnt play catch that whole week, and our first practice i was throwing 73-75. our first summer ball game, which was june 21st, i threw, and i was consistently throwing 78. all i did between last day of school and our first summer ball game was playing long toss, doing cord workouts, and running. we ended up going to the state tournament for ok kids, which had 14-16 year olds, and i was probably the hardest thrower there. we finished third, and i went 4-0 in regioonals and state. i am currently a sophomore, 14 years old, i weigh 137, and i am 5-10. the last time i have been clocked was probably at the state tournament, and i was throwing 80. the average speed for sophomores at my school, is 65-70, and the second hardest thrower is sitting at 74. i am hoping to get your tuffcuff book, and i will follow that. one of my teammates uncle is a scout for st. louis, and i talk with him probably twice a week. i am hoping to play at TCU, and play pro ball after that. Steven, what should i work on, what should i do to go to college, how hard do i throw compared to other 14 year olds? do i have a shot at Division 1 and MLB? any tips at all?

I am playing 14u fall ball and I am about 73-74 right now, topped out at 72 during the last summer season.

My boy just turned 14 and his FB sits on about 74 he tops out at around 78.

im turned 13 last month. i was clocked at 50 a year and a hald ago. it was a carnival. lol. im sure thats not that accurate. im a finesse pitcher though. pin point location. probably throw like 57 though

I will be 16 in 5 days and I was clocked at 78 two months ago. But my pitching coach has noticed an increase in velocity since.