My high school coach for some reason has this idea stuck in his head that all players that have played “select ball” seem to have an edge over kids who haven’t played on a “select” team. This seems to influence his decisions regarding the lineup and who takes the mound every game and this is driving me CRAZY. Since this is fall ball we dont have many practices so i dont have many chances to showcase my pitching ability to him. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i must do to get myself noticed without sounding like a whiner.

(My definition of select ball: any private team run usually by a clinic or baseball facitlity that normally charge over 2500$ just to get on. Sorry if this sounds like a rant, i just have a thing against people who charge crazy amounts just to play baseball.)

Best hope for you is communication, find a minute and have a talk. Let him know your desire and try to find out if you can get a shot…or what improvements he’d like to see in you to get a shot…(Remember if he thinks guys are better than you, you have to approach it that way whether it’s the case or not). Don’t mope, hustle and have an outstanding attitude at all times…if that doesn’t get through to him, then you have two choices…put up with it or go elsewhere…or work like a dog and get up enough money to play select ball. I know it doesn’t seem fair…but if that is the way it is…well you gotta deal the way the cards are dealt…beat him at his own game…desire will get you to where you want to be…if it seems like it is a high unfair hurdle…well I don’t mean to sound unkind…but life tends to be this way…mostly never fair and generally tilted away from workin out your way…the strong and smart overcome it…the weak have excuses and find another thing to do…I wish you the best…if pitching is your passion this guy won’t defeat you no matter what. :wink:

Thx for your thoughts JD. Reading your response has left me with one solution in mind, get so damn good that i’ll have to force him to send me to the mound. Oh yeah, now i’m pumped!!!

This reminds me of something Ed Lopat told me once. One time his son came home from school angry, frustrated and bitter, and when asked what the matter was he said that they had had an intramural game at his school and he never got to bat. He went on to say that the teacher had made out the lineups and the first kid in the lineup batted first every inning—and little Johnny batted seventh, every time. I don’t know what you would call this, but Mr. Lopat called it another example of how not to coach!

Ok, we all wanted to hear that…now get yourself a plan and put it into action…no sense in being determined and passionate and then not planning on how to get there…actively condition, learn, hustle, hustle…did I say hustle (Coaches love it and it is so hard to overlook). Do communicate with your coach, work on improving your mechanics (No matter how good you are you can always improve your mechs). Allow that determination and passion to take you through those times when it seems too tough (And you will have those moments…believe it)…your desire is the key…use it and you’ll be surprised…you will have found one of the important facts of life…See if you do all of those things, you’ll have found that no goal in life is unattainable…it just depends on how much you want to sacrifice and work passionately to acheive it.