Favorite spot to hit

I was wondering how many people like to hit the inside pitch. From the other post it seams that not many of us do so heres a poll.

As you should not i havent put one for down the middle…thats just to easy, i want to see the “challenging” areas


i LOVE to hit that pitch that comes in looking like a beach ball. or Barry Bonds’ head :lol: that pitch that is right down the middle width wise across the plate but up at my shoulders

High and inside without a doubt. Such a quick pitch to get around on. I can hit it a mile. One time we had runners 1st and 3rd so we did the play to get the runner at first caught in a run-down and of course the overthrow the run scores from 3rd and the guy at 1st advances to 3rd. The pitcher was so agitated. I could see him getting all frusted so I’m like ok first pitch I’m swinging at it no matter what. I’m gonna get a hit and give this pitcher no chance to cool down. The pitch comes in high and inside probably a little too high. I whacked it down the left field line for a double. The pitcher stopped complaining about his team after that one.

If there bringing gas I dont like it high in tight but if there the norm ill take it all day tell I hit one fair that is…

Low and in baby! I love those pitches soo much. I guess I’m used to the ball tailing in on me since I used to switch hit and most pitchers are righties.

I have some problems with low inside. I think I’ll end up switching around in a year or so to bat switch. I’m just gonna work on swinging the bat at home left handed then soft-toss with my brother then try it in the cage.

Low-Inside. I can really crush any low pitch, even a low and away one (even though I might not have as much power on a low and away pitch) … I often have problems hitting high pitches though, often a lot of swing and misses. I think it has something to do with my swing.

I think I have the nicest swing low and outside, because I have the best extension of my swing and so forth, but the high and inside is just easy to get around on, but high and outside isn’t bad but it’s harder to extend your hands on a high pitch. It’s easy because the way I hold my bat I’m in good shape to hit that high and inside pitch.

Seeing that I pull everything, including anything outside, I like them high and inside. My swing allows me to rocket the ball straight down the left field line (seriously, right on the line). I have an OBP somewhere in the .700s for this season so I usually take knee-high pitches and wait for anything to come that’s at least at thigh level.

How old are you?

You say you pull everything but that’s how I was for a while. Then during this spring season maby half of the outside pitchers I’d drive into right field, now during the summer season almost every outside pitch gets driven into right field.

It’s such a nice “accessory” to have, being able to hit those pitches. It takes some time and some practice. The easiest way to do this is during batting practice try and put everything into right field, no matter where the ball is. Just work on driving it out to right field. My first time I drove a nice one to right field it was hit perfectly but they had a new right fielder who was probably young and playing right behind first base not a joke probably 10 feet outside the infield dirt, and I got teased a while in the dugout because it was such a good hit but right to him.

I strongly suggest that you learn to put the ball into right field, trust me you’ll thank yourself for working on it and learning to do this.

I’m 15. I’d like to learn how to slap those into right field, one of my goals this fall in baseball camp. I’m a little hesitant because it might mess up my bombing ability, but I’d rather see my OBP move up even higher than hit an occasional triple.

Being able to hit oppo is a skill that is highly prized by coaches at any level, but as you reach high school and beyond it becomes expected of an everyday player that he can do it.

If you have a runner on first, you had better be able as a right handed hitter to hit the ball behind him, or else your nickname better be “Jack”!

Pulling everything is something you can get away with at the pre-high school level, but it won’t be enough to get you real playing time in HS…unless as I say you can regularly jack it out… or the talent level on your particular team is … well… low…

Imagine yourself facing a kid who throws high 80’s, maybe 90 mph. He has a pretty good slider, too. Every good team has one of these guys in my area. Imagine that his coaching staff knows that you pull everything. Where do you think they’ll pitch you? Outside? LOW and outside? High tight to back you off, and maybe they make a mistake, but if they don’t…back to low and away.

When you try to pull this pitch you get a weak pop up or perfect DP ball. If you’re a pure pull hitter, this is what you’ll see from the good teams: a steady diet of unhittable crap inside and tough pitches low and away.

Good luck and have fun…and learn to hit opposite field!

i chose low and away. for some reason, the way my swing works, I hit pitches inside and low opposite field cause I slice them, but they get hit decently. Low and outside however, are the pitches I can absolutely bomb cause I get best extension. I got 5 HRs in my 25 game season, I think 4 of them were off of low and away pitches.

Just like Big Pappi Ortiz of the Bosox. Ever seen the shift they put on for him? I’ve never seen that extreme a shift before, except for old newsreels of Ted Williams.

yup, I’m a big BOsox fan. I’m a righty though unlike papi, and people in my league have no idea to put the shift on. also I don’t always pull the ball I just have more control over the ball when its pitched low and outside so that I can place it where I want, which is often out of the park lol.

I can not for the life of me turn on a high inside pitch. I’ll swing, but I end up with a lot of infield singles of a little trickler off the handle. I’m usually looking for middle-out. Plus with that it’s a lot easier for me to hit it the other way.

I love hitting low and inside now. This season, my stance limited me to only outside pitches, causing me to strike out a lot, but everything that came on the outside of the plate, I got a hit. EVERY time.

you forgot the best spot of all…belt high and right down thee shoot :lol:

Theres nothing like getting a low and inside pitch and crushing a liner right between the shortstop and third baseman.

Well, I used to be good at hitting away pitches, and bad at inside pitches. But, for a whole season, all pitchers threw to me was inside, even swung at a ball and it hit my fingers. So, now, when I see away pitches, I have the worst batters eye and can never tell if it’s a strike or a ball, and if I take a hack at it it’s a weak foul ball… So now the only pitches I hit are right down the middle or inside.