Favorite Sports Movies

I was just wondering what some of your favorite sports movies were. Mine is probably Remember the Titans. The Natural was a good one too.

Caddy Shack :lol:

Bull Durham, Caddyshack, Brian’s Song

Field of Dreams
Major League
Bull Durham

Don’t forget Slap Shot.

Friday Night Lights, Rocky, and the Rookie

o.k., seriously…61 is one of the best sports movies I have seen.

The Natural
Facing the giants
It Happens every Spring

Top Baseball Movies:

  1. Major League
  2. Sandlot
  3. The Natural
  1. Major League
  2. The Sandlot
  3. The Blind Side

Remember the Titans

I can’t believe no one has mentioned Rudy yet. I’m far from a Notre Dame fan, but that movie is definitely in the top ten.

A controversial movie in it’s day…Major League Baseball would not allow any of its teams or property to be associated because it had the main character “cheating” because he had come up with a formula where wood avoided leather apparently…he poured into a hair tonic bottle and was “doctoring the ball” with it…So they had to use the fictitious “Federal” League.
An Laflippin notable and a jdfromfla honorable mention all time.

It Happens Every Spring is a great, great movie…

As for the taint of cheating, which is worse: 1) Using good old American know-how and creativity to invent a chemical that prevents baseballs from making contact with wood bats, or… 2) getting unfair help from supernatural beings, as in “Angels in the Outfield”…???

Interesting factoid, in both movies the final outcome of climatic games was decided without their respective unfair advantages.

I like watching the “Goofy (the Disney character)” sports movies on youtube.
Some of them are:
Goofy- How to play baseball.
Hockey Homicide.
Double Dribble (basketball).
Goofy- How to play football.
There are several others (tennis, boxing, etc.), but I don’t
remember the exact names of them.
I find them funny.
:baseballpitcher: :baseballbatter: