Favorite position other than pitcher

What is your favorite position besides pitcher.

I am not that fast but I love being in center when I can’t pitch.

centerfield all the way

that would be right field because for some reason it seems like i can pick up the distance right away from there even sometimes before the batter swings and i dont know if that really gives me an hedge but being a left hander i made some quick throws to first and second for outs. i never gunned someone on third probably because my fastball is more of a mediocreball than a fastball

3rd cuz i like getting grounders and being farther from 1st makes it a bit more chalenging

i like to catch when im not pitching, i still feel like im “part” of the pitcher.

When I was younger I was put at 3rd base cause not too many kids on my team could reach first from third. And it just stuck, I’ve been playing 3rd ever since.

I like catching also because I love throwing people out when they steal.

First base, it’s fun to do the second part of a pick off, and plus, it preserves your arm for when you need it to pitch :wink:

I love 1B however, my coach as I have stated in other topics sees me as and outfielder so I usually play LF and RF. Don’t have the wheels for CF, lol.

me either

i would say i dont have the wheels for center, its just ive never had a fly ball hit far enough away from me that it drops without me catching it. i also play left, and ive been reliable enough out there that on a fly hit to me my whole team starts walking towards the dugout before it starts dropping.

im either put at 3rd 'cause of the arm or at SS cause of my reaction to balls off the bat

i like to play catcher when im not pitching

What about the bullpen? I’d rather be out there when not pitching :slight_smile:

bullpens not a position :stuck_out_tongue:

I either like catcher or 2B/SS

Thanks for the posts