Favorite Pitching Drills

What are some of your favorite baseball pitching drills? Throwing drills? Mechanics drills? What drills have been the most effective in your development as a pitcher (or in the development of the pitchers you coach)?

Have you performed some that haven’t worked?

One of my favorite mechanics drill is when I’m in the windup and I lift my leg up and find a balance point and hold it for about 5 seconds.

Thats a great drill, I love the towel drill! LOVE IT! it gives me instantaneous feedback on my mechanics, and i found it helps me a lot. To go along with the balance point drill you might try this

Bring yourself to your legkick and hold it, then while balanced drop your leg to the ground (in a controlled way) and touch your toe to the ground and then bring it back up to your legkick. Then touch your front toe to the ground behind your plant foot and bring it back up.

Repeat that 3 times

Then while in your leg kick, keep your back straight and reach down in front of you and touch the ground and come back up. Repeat 4 more times

This might seem confusing, I will try and get a video of myself doing this to better show you.

This really really really helps with balanced, and it strenghtens your core too as well as your legs.

Nice, very nice.

we do a series of dry run drills

  1. rocker/pivot x 5
  2. 1st balance x 5
  3. 2nd balance - ball out/leg down x 5
  4. 3rd balance -power position x 5
  5. 4th balance -release/follow through/towel drill
    we then go through a series i got from fred corral when he was pitching coach at ut
    1.L - CATCH X 4 @ 15’
    2.L - CATCH W/ROTATION X 4@18’
    3.BP3 CATCH X 6 @ 20’

theres other drills we do for specific mechanical problems but this is our everyday drill work.

When I was a little snip…twelve or so…there was one I used to do all the time, and all through my playing days I would continue to do it. I would get a catcher, and if we had access to a playing field I would get on the mound and he would go behind the plate, otherwise we would mark off a pitcher’s rubber and a home plate with chalk. And we would play a little game we called “ball and strike”. The purpose was to sharpen and refine my control, and to this end the catcher would position his mitt high, low, inside, outside, every which way, and what I had to do was get the ball into the pocket of the mitt. I did this from full windup, from the stretch, with the crossfire move, and I used all my pitches, and what a good, satisfying “THWACK” when the ball hit its target! It was a good hard workout and a lot of fun, and especially because I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of I had to make sure I had control of my snake-jazz stuff. :slight_smile: 8)

Not a big drill guy, would prefer throwing off a mound as much as possible.

I only have pitchers do dry drills that correct a flaw they may have. So usually they are only working on 1 or 2 drills and each pitcher has different drills they are working on. I am only going to have them do dry drills so they can work on something they need to. Through the years, I witness too often pitchers monotonously going through all kinds of dry drills and not getting anything out of it. So, I give them one thing to work on and this seems more beneficial.
I also like to have pitchers throw from 1 knee once a week in place of bullpens to isolate their upper body and save the legs a little. It helps focus on hand break, staying closed, releasing out front and still trying to throw downhill. They should have no problem hitting spots in this drill.

The towel drill has really come to help develop my mechanics, especially where I should release the ball and snap it to keep it from flying up. Nothing, to me, beats the thrill of throwing pens from the mound though.