Favorite pitch, why and when you use it


i love my slider. i use it to get a K and sometimes i use it as a first strike pitch. also i use a good low and outside (out of the zone) slider to set up a good high and inside heater.
I would love to here your favorite pitch and when and why you use it.


I voted “other”. By “other”, I mean a Strike. I could throw any pitch as my “favorite”, but if I can’t throw it for a strike, it does me no good. Now I am not saying that throwing a pitch away is a bad thing, but if I cant throw it for a strike, it is not going to be very effective.

My favorite pitch is the one that I can place exactly where I want it, every time. AKA, a Strike.


Good post Corsair.

I say knuckleball, it’s my bread and butter, hard to control laterally but easy for people to chase if it’s not in the zone, just keep it down and it gets me outs.


I was a snake-jazz pitcher—not much on speed but a whole arsenal of breaking stuff—and I could get any one of those pitches in there for STRIKE ONE. But my all-time favorite pitch was “Filthy McNasty”—a sharp, late-breaking slider—and that one was my strikeout pitch. It was a real kick, watching what happened to so many batters who struck out trying to get a piece of it—they would swing so hard they would lose their balance and fall over backwards with their arms and legs up in the air like an overturned bug! :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:


I made someone pull a muscle in their back once with my knuck, I was still in the 13-15 yr old league and I had never pitched before that year so everyone who saw it was bewildered, I remember the ump when I threw it the first time he was like “Uh…strike one?”.


haha i have had the same experience as you Zito. in states i threw a slider that started on the outside part of the plate. he stepped to it but it broke a good ten inches off (it was one of my nastier ones) the plate. he tried to stick his bat out and nick it but when he swung he did a spin and fell on his butt! haha funniest thing i have ever seen during a baseball game.


Funniest thing I’ve had happen was my last outing of my 15 year old season back in my Babe Ruth league days, I had thrown about 5 knucks to this guy and the count was 2-2 after he fouled one off, I gave him some high heat and he waited 'cause he thought it was a knuck then he noticed it was a fastball at the last possible moment and screamed “Oh sh*t” as he swung and missed to end the game.


Change-up for me, I’m pretty accurate with it and can get a ton of movement off it.