Favorite Movies







Action:Live Free or Die Hard

Drama: What is a drama? lol The most drama-ish I’ve seen was Miracle

Comedy:Jeff Dunham:Christmas Special (saw him when he was on tour)

Suspense:The Happening

Sports:The Rookie

Action: Apocalypse Now/Full Metal Jacket/Hamburger Hill/Stars Wars Triogy…whole thing really/Lord of the Rings triolgy/Chronicals of Narnia

Drama: Apocalypse Now/Full Metal Jacket/Hamburger Hill/Pulp Fiction

Comedy: Any Monty Python project/Time Bandits/Raisin Arizona/2nd Hand Lions/Dr Strangelove

Suspense: Signs/The Shining

Sports: Field of Dreams

Action: Definetly Live Free or Die Hard after watching it today…

Drama: Malcolm X?

Comedy: American Pie 1 or 2

Sports: Movie about the kid who injures his arm and when it heals starts pitching for the cubs?

Action: ?

Drama: ?

Comedy: Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Airplane, all of the Austin Powers movies, anything Monty Python.

Suspense: ?

Sports: Remember the Titans

I’m just going to throw out there my love for Stanley Kubrick movies, including: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr. Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, the Killing, damn, I love all of 'em.

action: i am legend

drama: :?

comedy: blue collar comedy tour rides again

suspense: behind enemy lines

sports: remember the titans

[quote=“Greg516”]Sports: Movie about the kid who injures his arm and when it heals starts pitching for the cubs?[/quote] ur thinkin of rookie of the year and that could never happen

Thats what makes the movie so good

Action: Gangs of New York

Drama: Lots, drama movies are usually the best, but I’ll go with American Psycho

Comedy: Anchorman

Suspense: loldunno what counts as a ‘suspense’ movie.

Sports: The Natural… come on guys he strikes out The Babe on 3.

Sorry, I guess Suspense would be like a thriller type movie, keeping you hiding behind your own hands…