Favorite MLB/Predictions

What’s everyone’s favorite MLB team and their prediction for said team this season?

My favorite team is the Cleveland Indians. I think that if they remain relatively injury free, then they can possibly get the Wild Card spot in the playoffs. But my more reserved prediction is that they will finish around .500 and play well in spurts throughout the year.

My unrealistic prediciton for them is for them to win the World Series. :lol:

D’Backs win the World Series!!!

The Pittsburgh Pirates: Will be inspirational early on and then their lack of offense will let them down big time. Another losing season.

The Cleveland Indians: Will be be just a bit better than the Pirates.

The Boston Red Sox: No longer my team…will have a lot of adjustments to make with their new manager and get walloped in the AL East. They may only finish better than the O’s.

The Toronto Blue Jays win the AL East


The Cubs…will be the Cubs… :cry:

Go Yankees!!!

JD, someday, some player will make millions of Cubs’ fans very happy.

kyle…not a player a “team” will make them happy. Cubs have had really great players but the hardest thing is for them to have a really great team.

Look…I’ve slaughtered goats…sacrificed to the evil gods…thrown salt over my shoulder…team???..come on Bu…team? 69 was a legendary team…look in 86 we had hall of famers, Cy Youngers, MVP’ers…my good friend Rick(runner up to Piazza for ROY, a daggone doubles machine!!) We’ve had Sammy and Parker and Sutcliff and Maddux…with all due respect…I mean this completely non-personally…team my A$$…they need to move out of Wrigley, change their name and fire everyone twice…then…we can start anew…Theo…poor Theo…he’ll think Bambino curse alright…I say he’s under doctors supervision before they even make another Wild Card appearance…
It’s about withstanding torment…we do it well…for any team…or group of schmoe’s… :wink:

Cubs fans have a lot to complain about. But Cleveland has got it worst. All our teams suck and we haven’t had a championship in any sport since 1948. Unless you count the oldy Browns win in a championship(before the superbowl)

Roll Tribe! 1-4(5?), we look terrible, but who knows. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you go before me…would you like me to play this at your wake?


I know there were some good teams during the late 60’s and early 70’s but what makes teams under achieve, is it really bad luck, impossible situations, curses? What I have seen in the years that I have been watching baseball (really only since the late 70’s) it’s all about super stars under achieving and players not accepting roles that their team needs. Unselfish play! You know that if you have any feelings at all for baseball you would like to see the Cubs do good. I love the commercial where the guy is playing MLB 2012 and the Cubs just won and he is sitting there crying…how funny is that.

Ahh soo true Lads…Dino consider it a sacred pledge sir… 8)

On top of it I’m polish…last time the Cubbies were even in the series Poland was taken over by Russia (AND THATClub was a bunch of what were called 4-F Army rejects…the SS had a club foot for goodness sakes…)…after being taken over by Germany…disappointment to me is just the way it is…might as well be happy… :lol: