Favorite Changeup Grip?

What is everybody heres favorite changeup grip, and why? I personally like the Eric Gagne “Vulcan Changeup”, it has awesome movement, and is an easy pitch to keep down in the zone.

What exactly is the vulcan changeup? How do you grip it? How do you throw it?

I is basically a splitter with the ball between your middle and ring finger. You throw it just like a fastball, its also known as the foshball. My favorite is Trevor Hoffman’s palmball, with the fingers up, I usually keep one of my fingers lower to get a little extra movement.

i’ve been fooling around with a new grip for my change and its pretty good. i’ve always thrown it in our games of tapeball at home and i finally tried it on the mound the other day. this thing just floats to the plate! i haven’t thrown it much because i dont know if i could hurt my arm, but here’s the grip: I hold it between my thumb and pinkie finger, and i snap my wrist down, as this happens the ball slides out and just catches my index, middle, and ring finger enough to get it to the plate. i swear this thing goes about 55 to 60 mph at the most. (I usually throw around 80) does anybody know if this is bad for my arm? i’ve only thrown it twice this year, but i would like to use it more because its straight up deadly! i’d appreciate any input on this. thanks

I’ve tried something similar when throwing with my son, and I can’t get it to go straight, but it sure has tremendous hang time! lol

Heres a picture of Eric Gagne throwing it, you can see it a little bit


And get a good idea of what it looks like. I would suggest giving it a go, it is an awesome pitch and I don’t know why more people don’t throw it. Because of the nature of the grip, it will have more movement than basicly any other changeup grip, and is not all that hard to throw either.

Just remember to

1-Keep up your fastball arm speed, otherwise you won’t get the full splitter action as it comes to the plate

2-Keep your wrist loose, again to get the full extent of the splitter movement.

3-Keep the “Circle” made by your thumb and pointer finger small. This one I figured out myself, it needs to be small and only hold onto the ball a little bit, so that the pitch comes out of your hand easily. Otherwise, you won’t get the same action.

My son (16 yo LHP) and I have been toying around with different grips for the CU. He has been throwing the circle which gets a lot of run, but doesn’t seem to be slow enough for deception’s sake. He started throwing Hoffman’s version and it has been working well. I think we will try the vulcan as well.

Yea, the Vulcan is a great pitch. It can act as a changeup like I use it, or, if yours is good enough, you can use it as a forkball like out pitch as well.