Fastest way to get rid of a dead arm

I’ve what I asume is a pretty bad dead arm that just showed up today. And tryouts started today too. Yesturday I was throwing just fine but today it was just ugly. Didn’t feel the ball out of my hand and could hardly throw it 90 feet and when the radar gun was put on me I could only hit 64 when I was clocked at 70 two weeks ago. Any advise to get out of this would be great.

Rest is the only way to treat a fatigued arm.

Rest it from throwing. I would however recommend that you do some general strengthening on your shoulder with light dumbbells and resistance bands. That can help the recovery process

I agree here I meant just rest from throwing, you could take an entire week off from doing anything and then start doing light dumb bell or tubing exercises. Running sprints always seems to help my shoulder recover.

Dead arm is a deficit situation. As such, you don’t “work” your way back from dead arm. Instead, you rest the arm or at least lessen the throwing load.

rest, its like muscle failure…i’d give it a good 3 days of no throwing. One time I worked out my legs so hard I couldn’t use them at all, it was like i was paralyzed, it scared the crap out of me lol but I was fine after 3 days…i was army crawling around the house on the first day, second day I was crawling, third I was able to walk…I never loved my legs so much after that experience. :slight_smile:

The so-called “dead arm” is nothing more than extreme fatigue which is most likely brought on by overwork, by trying too hard and by tightening up when throwing, and the only sure cure for this is just plain rest. Don’t do any throwing—or anything else involving the arm—for a good week, and then when you get back into it do it in easy stages; don’t try to get back into full throttle all at once.
And you might to well to take a look at your arm angle. All too often the problem occurs among pitchers who throw “over the top”—straight overhand—and changing the arm slot even a little, such as switching to a 3/4 motion, might help. I for one was a natural sidearmer, and I never experienced any difficulties as a result; the sidearm delivery is actually the most natural of the lot. :slight_smile: 8)

Cross training helped me back when I would have bouts of dead arm. Truly taking time off is really the best remedy. But if you’re like me and get restless, I played some hoops and started a swimming program (in TUFFCUFF) which helped clear my mind and sort of flush the system. Was back to normal in 3-4 weeks. But you’ve got to trust the rest part … really try to get away from the game for a bit, if possible. If that’s not an option, then totally flip your training upside down – mix it up drastically. Hope this helps. Not an easy thing to deal with obviously, but stay positive.


we’ve got a couple of lifts we do when our kids are sore and tired. flush/energy lifts. our kids swear by them. say they work great. if you’d like a copy just email me at

As strange as it may sound even I, a knuckleballer has had dead arm before. Personally I don’t remember what I did to fix it I think it might have been just rest, but I recall throwing a little when I had it, maybe work the arm a tiny bit but not so much that it will just wear down more.

Thanks for all the tips. Tryouts got pushed back a couple of days cause of the weather so that’ll give me even more time to rest up

Try snake oil… might work.