Fastest pitcher

who is the pitcher with the highest MPH?


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Current Pros would probally be Joel Zumaya correct me if i’m wrong.

yeah, prolly zumaya, or maybe bonderman, not sure though.

search for “steve dalkowski” on wikipedia. he was a minor league pitcher for the orioles in the 60s and is thought to be the fastest pitcher in the history of the game. people estimate between 105-110 mph. ted williams faced him in a spring training game and said that he was by far the fastest he’d seen.

he’s a really wacky story. he was only 5’9", had an IQ of only 60, and had absolutely no control. he ended up throwing out his arm fielding a bunt. i guess he was sort of a rain man of pitching.

Sandy Koufax, Bob Feller (reportedly hit 98mph. Check out the, Joel Zumaya (I don’t know if it was fake or not, but his fastball sure is fast), Nolan Ryan , Steve Dalkowski (once ripped off the earlobe of a batter with his fastball) come to mind

For starters, Verlander and Harden can hit 100.

Zumaya has hit 104 on the Comerica Park gun.

steve dalkowski once had a $5 bet with one of his teammates that he couldnt throw the ball through a wall. one day at practice he stood 15 ft. away from the outfield fence and threw the ball completely through the wall.

ya Zumaya hit 104 the fastest in the majors right now

Zumaya in my mind is. Although I would like to see Verlander throw his hardest since he hit 102 in the 9th of his no hitter.
Here is an article about Steve Dalkowski who Samo was talking about earlier It says in here that former Orioles manager Earl Weaver said he threw not just faster but a lot faster than Nolan Ryan.