Faster to the plate

How can i work on this without being faster with runners on? I use the slide step but kinda dont like. Any suggestions?

bending your knees like Fransisco rodriguez
that should work with either the leg lift or the side step

aits all about bending that back knee

You need to develop a good stretch you can pitch from without taking too much away from your pitches. Personally, I love the stretch and was getting some guys stealing, but I think the most important part is throwing off their timing. Sure, you have to be quick to the plate, but most base stealers need a good jump to make it. If they hesitate for even a split second because you changed your look, waited a second longer or changed your move to the plate, you’ll be fine.

I also like to keep them close to the bag by stepping off the mound really fast but not throwing. I did it to a guy and he dove head first into the bag, but you will have to throw over at some point because it’s all about variances. The less predictable you are the better.

The way I throw from the stretch is just start your motion with a push from the bent back leg. I’m sure I don’t get quite as much speed, but it’s worked for me so far.

Yeah i get what your saying about switching up what you do thanks. thats some good stuff. I always pitch from the stretch though even with no runners on. I just have a high leg kick. But when runners are on its more of just a fall towards the catcher. Past couple outing since ive noticed it ive been alright with batters getting good jumps off me though

Try this out:

Here are a few suggestions on what to work on.

  1. Use a knee to knee type of a delivery from the stretch. This allows you to be quick and loose little if any velocity.
  2. Pick up lead leg about mid thigh height in delivery.
  3. Vary your looks to first between one and three times. This should prevent the runner from getting a good jump.
  4. Hold the ball for a longer time, and step off the rubber. This helps
    tire out the runner legs.
  5. Throw over to first about three times in a row and make the runner
    dive back each time. This also tires him out.
  6. Practice delivering the ball to the plate in 1.3 seconds or better.

I never really thought of all that stuff thanks.