Faster fastballs!

Any advice on throwing faster, preferably a four-seam?

You have to refine your mechanics on the field, and you have to train the functional movements of pitching more explosively off the field. IT’s really as simple and difficult as that. You willing to put in the work that it really takes to do those things?

What do you mean by that exactly? Not really getting that.

OK, let’s put it this way. If you’re not throwing at least 4 days a week – some type of throwing, like a long toss or an easy catch in the backyard – in my opinion you can’t develop a faster fastball.

Gotta throw, throw, throw!

Yea i throw like four days, sometimes five. But i also lift. Is lifing bad for my rotator cuff, or is it ok?

If your arm feels good, throw with the intent to throw the ball through a brick wall.