Faster bat speed

when you are at home and got nothin to do, take the bat you use and put a donut on it and swing it about 75 times. dont just let it fall down. actually swing it level as if you were trying to hit something. Then take the weight off and then if u have a hit away, break it out, or just swing at anything about 100 times. do this atleast once a day and if u have no life (like me ) do it a few times a day. Then in less then a week you the bat will feel lighter, your swing will be faster, that results in… more power.

Worked for me

That is good advice but I would recommend doing it in shorter intervals because you could develop bad habits swinging 100 times in a row with a heavy bat. Do like 30 take a break and 30 again, and again etc… But to really get better bat speed and a better swing for hitting it on the sweet spot do all of your batting practice with a wood bat. Since they weigh more and the sweet spot is a whole lot smaller it will not only help your bat speed but help you hit the ball on the sweet spot more often.


It’s not all about bat speed either… if you can hit the ball you can hit the ball

bat speed is how little guys hit jacks

Who said it’s all about hitting jacks?? :shock: :shock: :smiley:

To generate better bat speed I actually hit with a wood bat that has a donut on it for even more weight. Sometimes I hit with this led pole that weights like 10 pounds, lol. I am a lot more powerful feeling and gives me a ton of confidence at the plate.

I use a 38 wooden bat in practice haha

I went to Cooperstown for our baseball team a little while ago and they had mess-up bats for like 7 bucks at one of the stores. They weren’t real bats that they use in games but like more of a souvenir but I use it in batting practice it is a 34, 37 it’s a +3!!! Its so freaking heavy.

Re : donuts and heavy bats , why would you swing something slow thinking it would increase bat speed ?

Do you mean swing something heavy not “slow”? It works for me but I’d have to look it up and find some studies and whatnot.

Mr. Bower,

Tell Mr. Edgar Martinez all about it.

'Gar went from a so-so third baseman to a possible hall of famer DH based solely on his production at the plate. He has said in many an interview that his hitting was developed, not God-given. He worked extremely hard, even overcoming an eyesight disability to win two batting titles.

He would hit off of a tee between innings to stay sharp and groove his swing.

It seems to me that this forum is dedicated not only to those who have a gift from God, but also to those whose gift is more mundane, but who love the game enough to want more than what their natural gifts might bring them. They are willing to work hard, sacrifice, and take advice from some of the most questionable folks out here in cyberspace, like (name deleted), as well as some of the folks in this forum who have paid their dues and know what they’re talking about.

Some folks can hit the snot out of the ball, period. Ken Griffey Jr. comes to mind. Best natural hitter I ever saw. Pay-Rod is another one for whom God smiled and gave a game changing talent.

Here is the most important post I have ever made. Most of us must take what we are given and work our arses off to maximize our talent. It is to those folks that we dedicate our time and postings and what passes for wisdom on this website. Its not just that " if you can hit the ball you can hit the ball".

Do you think that posts like this actually benefit those who are looking for direction and advice???

Uhhh see you got me wrong. Sometimes things come off wrong with me. I’ve played baseball a lot in the last few years and I have also worked very very hard to be the hitter I am. Sometimes I don’t say things that I mean. I’m not going to be like some of the people here and not admit they said something that didn’t make sense. What I said didn’t reflect what I meant. The thing they were getting at is to gain bat speed by doing (place drill here).
I can’t count the endless hours (and $$$) I’ve spent hitting and hitting and hitting in the batting cages. My brother would go to play indoor soccer every Friday and I would go in the batting cage and swing and swing and swing until I spent quite a bit of cash taking swings.

Every Sunday during the winter I go to an indoor baseball clinic where I hit and do tee work and a little fielding work. What I’m trying to say is if you work hard and become a good hitter you can hit the ball. Regardless of how fast you swing the bat. Sorry my post wasn’t as clear as I thought it was.

One of the instructors at the camp I go to said that the most natural athlete will never go as far as the less forrunate athlete who works hard to be good, unless he works hard day in and day out to become a better player.

I’m not the kind of natural athlete as some. I know I have some god-given talent but I also know I worked hard on my swing and just being about to hit good. I probably do have a pretty god-given eye for a baseball but I do work very very hard. During our season when we’d practice every day, and once in a while our coach would give us an off day and that if we wanted to we could hit in the cage after school and never once did I skip out on that I would always go in and swing as much as possible.