This is all fastballs. Most are from the wind up and the last four are from the stretch.

Only one thing I want to say to this. When you are in your balance phase, look at your foot. Notice how it points upward? Let it hang loose. When your point your toe it flexes more muscles and tightens more tendons than necessary, and often limits range of motion.

Maybe lengthen your stride but everything else looks good. Also, how fast do you throw and how old are you? I;m just comparing yours to mine.

im seventeen but i have no clue how hard i throw… my friends say i definitely throw hard relative to my size.

Get a radar gun on you.

thanks for the advice. i have been told that a before but i have not really focused on it. i will try to fix it though. another thing i have trouble with is how i sort of stand up after delivering the ball. i have no clue how to fix it.

this sounds stupid but where do i get radared??

Just break down into a fielding position. Once you let go of that ball, you are a fielder. Once your left leg touches the ground, take a stutter step with your right and present your glove.

I have had the same difficulty finding a radar gun to get under…I suggest the closest college with a baseball program. They could very well be more than happy to gun you real quick.

thanks :slight_smile:
one of my coaches said that i need to come down more while delivering (basically stride out more and “pick up the dollar”) but everytime i do the pick up the dollar thing im even more inconsistent and it doesnt feel quite right.

sweet! i know i dont throw that hard. during the high school season my coach said that even he could tee off from me and that i shouldnt try throwing so hard but i know my velocity has come up since then

Yeah, bury your chest, and bring your left hand way down towards your right hip

Yeah thats one of the things i noticed. When your able to finish out over your front leg you will get better tilt on the ball as well as a little more consistency. From my own experience it feels like your a little more deceptive with all of your pitches when you finish out front


thanks i will try and work on that today. :slight_smile:

Yeah you’re mechanics look good overall, might just want to stride a little longer and follow through a little more.

thanks! i noticed looking at the video a few times yesterday that the more i followed through the more velocity i had and the more my pitches moved.

Yes. It is especially important to bury your chest with curveballs, too

thanks for the advice about going over my hip. lately ive been tucking my right arm in more for a little more balance and it seems to help not only my balance but it gets my other side to come over my hip more

When you warm up, throw from one knee. Throw with left knee on the ground, and make sure on every throw your hand goes over top of your right leg