Last season I had a pitching session and the pitching coach told me to grip my 4-seam fastball with my index and middle fingers closer together, probably a couple millimeters apart as opposed to the good half-inch at the farthest part I had before. He said this would give it tighter spin and therefore make the ball go straighter. This worked well, but yesterday I was looking at pictures of pitching grips and saw this picture of Cole Hamels gripping a fastball (I’m pretty sure).

I’m pretty sure this is his fastball. This isn’t a huge issue I know, just wondering. Is it his fastball, and if it is is it just a grip with his fingers spread apart? Does this create more movement on the fastball (running fastball?).

no really it doesnt make all that much difference as long as you dont exagerate it and get into a splitty type of grip

pedro martinez great velocity-great mouvement

nolan ryan great velocity-great mouvement

True true true. Ha. Red Sox winning in 2000. You wish GO YANKEES even though they’re outta it.

Pedro’s isn’t split as wide as Hamel’s or Ryan’s I noticed.

well really that was used as a not wide/wide type of comparaion while both get basically same action off there fastball just to show you get what feels more comfortable with. i personally go with a more spreaded grip because i feel i have more control over it while one of my friend i play catch with a lot has his index and middle finger right next one to the other with no space and says it feels more comfortable so really it’s all about preferences.