Fastball vs. Fastball

Pitchers throw 2-seam fastballs (with usually more movement) and 4-seam fatballs (with usually more speed) There are advantages to both pitches but which fastball do you guys find you throw more in a game and why? Do you guys have any certian time that you throw one or the other? Which fastball do most MLB pitchers throw more and why?

I throw all 4 seamers, because when god was handing out physical gifts he gave me exceptional velocity, but no natural pronation so my 2 seam sucks. I think you’ll find most guys stick with 2 seamers in the bigs however.

How about 2-seamers to the inside corner to jam the batter and 4-seamers to the outside corner so they don’t drift back over the middle of the plate?

The two-seam was taught to me when I was 8. It was the only pitch I ever threw until I was 12. I still dont throw a four-seam. It stays up way too much for me. I think I’ve thrown 3 in game situations all my life.
I get exceptional movement with the two-seam, and I still throw harder than just about everyone in our league so I dont care about that extra couple miles per hour I’d get with a four-seam.
But alot of kids throw both, which makes no sense to me.

i can never get any movement of a two-seamer!!! i have given up on it.

The majority of guys who throw average fastballs or slightly below average fastballs will tend to throw a 2-seam FB. What they lack in velocity, they make up with the extra movement.

I dont even know how to get movement. Stop trying and just throw it. I throw from a high 3/4 to right over the top motion and I get about 6 inches of movement very late.

i had a good 2-seamer last year, it’s very valueable. Use it earlier in the count and then blow it past them with a 4-seamer later in the count.

My son gets a lot of movement throwing a 4 seamer, but when he was throwing at a camp, the pitching coach at USC at the time had him throw the 2 seamer and it had even more movement. He still throws primarily the 4 seamer though because that’s what he is comfortable with and he has better control of it. Eventually, as he faces stronger hitters, he’ll end up going to the 2 seamer in most situations. Also, since most people throw their 4 seamer faster than their 2 seamer it pays to throw the 4 seamer when the scouts have the gun on you.

Very good point Roger. This is what I have my guys do until they can command their 2-seamer to the outside half of the plate. I had a freshman last season that would get hit hard one time out, then dominate the next and it was because he couldn’t consistently locate his 2-seamer on the oustide corner. Once he went to a 4-seamer outside, he pitched better. But in the bullpen between appearances, we work hard on getting that 2-seamer to hit the outside corner.

i get more movement on my 4seam than 2 seam. just throw it with pronation and you have more seams cutting threw the air allowing it to move more like cuyrveballs. i never throw 2-seam pithes and is known for having one of the best tailing fsastball in the league

I’d be willing to say that most big leaguers throw their two seam fastball to their arm side, and four seamer to the glove side of the plate.

You never want your two seam fastball to run back over the plate, that’s why it should rarely be thrown to the glove side. Pitches that run back over the plate are running closer to the barrel. Which is never a good thing. Angles in pitching are very important, that’s why you’ll see just about every right handed sinkerballer stand on the first base side of the rubber. It’s simple, it opens up the whole plate for the sinker to work, not to mention gives him a better angle with more plate in to a righty and away to a lefty.

I’m so excited! I was throwing today and messing around with the two-seam and after some tweaking I got a consistent four-inch movement! I tried pronation really late at the end of my release.

I feel that both 4 seam and 2 seamers are both beneficial to have. I don’t know why you would never throw a 4 seam fastball. What do you do when your behind in the count and you need to throw a strike. Also a 2 seamer can be very effective for a right hander to run in on a right handed batter. So I think that both pitches are great, if you can control them and know when to use them.

for a RHP, 4 seamer on the left side and 2 seamer on the right side.

Well my 4 seamer isn’t exactly straight. I throw harder than anyone else my age, and while its not a ton of noticeable movement, it rides back in 2-3 inches. I think I just get good rotation on it, because guys swing under it all the time.

And I’ve had two pitching sessions in my entire life where my 2 Seamer showed up. I don’t know what I was doing, and can’t repeat it, but on those two occasions my movement was just so exceptional that I almost ended my catchers season lol. I’m talking basically same velocity as my 4, with almost a foot of explosion back in on a righty. Kind of like, if you’ve ever seen Tim Lincecum, once and a while he throws one that just tails so hard the catchers almost always miss it. If I could learn to consistently replicate that, I think I would be near unhittable to a righty, but alas, I have no freakin clue how to do it again…