Fastball Velocity

I’m in eighth grade, 13 years old 5’7" and 110 pounds. I throw 70-73 while topping out at 75, is that good. Steve or any of you ex-pros were you throwing as fast, faster, or slower when you were 13. I’m just wondering because I want to know if thats a good speed for my age.

yes this is good
but at your age you shouldnt be focusing too heavily on speed
Really work on refining your mechanics and the speed will come.

And btw there are many kids in my sophmore class who throw low 70’s and they are 16. So that should give you a good gauge.

Dude we’re practically the same! Look at my sig haha (I’m in 8th grade too).

Thats funny man. It makes me feel good to have a clone.

Haha too funny. I guess I do throw harder than you though because at the All-Star Game FanFest I was clocked throwing 851 MPH!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

Except he’s the polar opposite of you, he hates the Mets.

Just a vital sign though, means he’s normal. 8)

Sorry, I just love that. You in the City too?

No I’m in south florida. But I’m born and raised as a met fan.

… why?

Cowboys fan from NYC here, so I shouldn’t say anything. But still - how much would you give to be a native Rays fan right now (I have a Marlins fan up here ›› from NYC ›› claims he liked em in '02 but really we know bandwagon from '03)?

Rays (MLB),Texans (NFL),Mighty Ducks (NHL), Raptors (NBA) fan born and raised in NY :smiley:

Ha. Yankees, Cowboys, Rays, TAR HEELS!!! (got cousins and family friends there/who were there so I’m justified…and Tyler Hansbrough is God).

Forgot my fav, collage team, hate to say this…Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors and Miami Hurricanes