Fastball velocity comparison for high school


[quote=“Ebalaban”]There is no chance that 14% of kids on these boards are gunning 86+.

It’s too bad these polls never really give an accurate response, as I would love to see where I match up against my peers.[/quote]


Who here has actually been clocked, on a legit gun, at the speeds they’ve reported?


At a Perfect Game showcase I have.


I got clocked throwing about 102, 103 once. :roll: :roll:


No I didn’t mean I’ve thrown over 86,
My fault for not clarifying. I meant I have been clocked live by a legit gun.


i’m a 15 year old(just turned 15 last december) freshman and if everyone is posting their height with shoes on(which i assume they are) i’m 6’1" 180 fast ball tops at 85 for now i also throw a cutter, an 11-5 curveball, and a circle change


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If we’re posting our heights with shoes on then I’m 5’8.5"


I hit 200 mph the other day. I’m 11 years old and weigh 50 lbs.





Nope, I’ve seen it. It’s the truth. I held the gun, it was a jugs gun. It was a strike too!


I’m 18 6’5" 225 pounds and I can top out at 58 mph!!! I’m clearly the fastest pitcher on my high school team.


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i am a freshman in west virginia, im fourteen, my allstar babe ruth team finished second in states, i max out about seventy two, but im a junk pitcher. I throw i good twelve six that breaks about nine inches off the table, ranging from sixty three to sixty six, and i throw a slider that breaks another good seven inches very sharp that goes about sixty eight to seventy. fast sharp breaking junk balls are the best pitches in my book


even more important than how hard you throw your fastball is where you can put it and how well it sets off the junk. I range about 69 to 72 with my 4 seamer but i use it to set up a filthy slider i have. I works really well for all you slider/sinker ballers


I don’t really know my pitching velocity, but I suspect it is in the 60s
at max.


are you in the mid atlantic region?


Does anybody think that living in different regions of the country could make a difference in velocity?
You know, with different height above sea level, different climate, etc.
I doubt it makes little difference, if any at all.


I am 3 years old. 2 foot 3. 25 pounds I’ve got a pretty nice fastball that cruises around 147.5 mph. Is that good?


this post is 8 years old my dude


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but its still funny