Fastball velocity comparison for high school


I am 5’8 and 1/4 tall and I weigh 140 pounds(sometimes more usually what I weigh). I am a freshman I am a guessing I throw mid to upper 70’s. I am waiting to be clocked on my fastball to know for sure. My curveball is a sharp fast one some probably 5-10 less than my fastball and the same for my change.


16 years old
5’11 185 pounds
i thow 78-83


age 13, about to be freshman.

70-75 mph on fb,

solid break on curve

5’10, about 6 ft tall, 121 lbs




Im 16 now and Im about to turn 17
5-10 190
I throw 75-80 last fall I had a good day where I was throwing 80+ but Im usually somewhere around 75-80


I’m 6’ 0" 130 lbs. and I throw in the low 70s but i also throw the knuck.


During the season I was around 88-92 range for the season.


15 yr old sophmore

5’9 or 5’10 not sure 160 lbs.

fastball 78-83 mph
changeup 65-70 mph
slider 70 mph


i throw in the low 70’s
im 15 and im 6’4"




I can get my 4 seamer up to 80 on a good day. It usually stays around 75-77


In High School as a Senior I was 5’7" 150 and was around 84-86, now as a sophomore in college I’m 5’8" 160 and around 86-88. I’ve never been clocked above 88, my goal is to hit 90 by the end of this fall.


13 years old
5’10- 145

breaking ball


16 years old
HS Junior

2 Seemer: 82-86
4 Seemer: 85-90

Best pitch is my curve though.


[quote=“ofbaseball31”]13 years old
5’10- 145

breaking ball

You’re 13 and throw 85?


Ebalaban has a 90mph fastball at 16 and your best pitch is a curve?


That’s right. I don’t throw the FB at 90 all the time, I have hit it once or twice, with a 4 Seemer up in the zone.

I mainly work in the 83-86 range with the 2 Seemer.


Thats good to hear that you’re a pitcher and don’t just try to blow it by people. I was similar to you at 16 I topped at 87 a couple times but was consistently around mid 80’s and I just turned 17 and am about the same, but just keep working hard dude thats some serious talent you have there if you develop it.



Yeah I guess you shouldn’t throw your arm out just trying to hit 90 every time, but still that’s a gift and a weapon and you should use it.

Here’s mine:

EDIT (cause I changed my icon):

4-seamer — high 60s low 70s (76 max when I was clocked on a great day)


16 years old

FB sits at 85-86 Hitting 88 on occasions


Thanks guys. I don’t want to make it sound like I’m some pitching prodigy, because I’m not.

Yes, I throw hard, and have good stuff, but I am still very inexperienced, and my stuff is inconsistent at times.

If I put it all together, I think I can do good things, but right now, I still have a lot to learn.