Fastball velocity comparison for high school


I’m a sophomore in high school
I’m 6’ 175 lbs.
My fastball averages low 80s
I also have:
circle change
curve/slider (still deciding which is better)


65-70, 7th grade. 6’0, 130. I have split-fingered change, cut fastball and fastball. if i was 160, i would throw in the high 70s.


That’s a pretty firm statement, care to exaplin how you came to this conclusion?

Gaining weight is not a guarentee to increasing velocity. If that was the case everyone would weigh 250+ and throw 100+


I was thinking the same thing.


not sure. Anyway, i also have a left foot that has two extra bones in it. being 160 would probably increase my velocity, but i perfer being thin. I don’t care about gaining any weight, because i am in good shape as i am.
I was just thinking that the hard throwers in MLb are arround 5’10", 200 (Zumaya and Wagner). Randy johnson is 6’10, 225, and throws 97, so i’m probably wrong.


Zumaya is 6’4

Wagner and Lincicum are small guys that throw hard.


i checked on yahoo and wagner’s 200. Lincecum’s 40 pounds hevier than me, and i’m an inch taller than him.


Im a freshman, 15 years old, 5’9" 124 lbs and I’d say my fastball is fast enough to get the hitter to swing in front of my changeup :smiley: its actually 74 mph


So half of you guys throw over 80? Damn you guys throw hard for young high school guys

Do not know what Junior Joe throws at. No gun available


most people inflate their velocity by atleast 5 mph sometimes alot more.


hi i just joined this :stuck_out_tongue:

i throw anything between 70 and 80 but i have a change, a big slow curve and a knuckler


Whats your fastball?


86-88 mph as a 6’4" 235lb 15yr old sophomore in highschool :lol:

those are my dream stats lol, want my real ones?

5’8" 155lbs
68-72 mph prolly just guessing

and ya lmao at everyone in this thread except me nd 2 or 3 other guys that throw over 80 and are as old as me, got some genetic freaks in here, and to think RIstar was one of the few who didnt inflate.


I dont inflate. Whats the point in inflating?


well i believe you cuz you’ve got the size and you’ve been here for awhile, your what? 6’ 200lbs or something, but all these kids who say im 15 and 5’5" 130lbs and hit 80 all the time… I dont believe them.


6’0" 215 to be exact.
I know, seriously all the smaller kids I know have no arms.


Ok tell that to Tim Lincecum. You can’t assume anything when you havnt seen them pitch.


Well lets look at my schools pitching program:
6’3 180 lefty (solid muscle) throws 87.
6’1 180 righty throws 84.
6’0 190 righty throws 86.
5’9 150 righty throws 78.

6’1 170 righty throws 80.
5’9 160 righty throws 75.

6’0 215 righty throws 83.
5’11 150 righty throws 80.
5’9 230 righty throws 75. (lost alot of velocity over summer, gained alot of weight over summer)
5’5 130 lefty throws 73.

I listed those by velocity for each year, and you can almost say its in order of height for each year. Am I saying you have to be big to throw hard? No of course not. Tim Lincecum is a great example. But at high school age, the bigger guys are bound to be stronger, and stronger usually equates more velocity assuming sound mechanics.


Guys, i can’t last more than one or two innings before i tire out because i am so thin.


then between innings you should really drink water or an energy drink, and eat a high energy food, try packing a couple of bananas in your bag or something