Fastball speed

What is the average fastball speed for a 13 year old?

I would say high 60’s low 70’s

average is low 60s, the elite players will go low to mid 70s.

According to Dr. Michael J. Axe’s age vs velocity table for 8 yo through 14 yo baseball throwers, the average speed for 13 yo throwers is 54 mph.

Before everybody gets freaked out because that’s too low, consider that it is data collected from actual velocity studies of large numbers of 13 yos, not just ‘elite’ throwers of that age.

Axe’s table further tells us that about 34 % (1 standard deviation higher than the average) of 13 yo baseball throwers can be expected to throw at 59 mph. About 13-14% of 13 yos (2 std devs) are expected to hit 64 mph. Only about 2% of all 13 yo throwers are expected to hit 69 mph, so that is really the upper end of what you should expect to see under normal circumstances. Axe’s table predicts that only about 1 in every 100,000 13 yos will throw at 74 mph, and it’s a 1-in-a-million 13 yo kid who throws 79 mph.

Note, all of these numbers may vary considerably from the ‘common wisdom’ you may hear from other kids, dads, or coaches. There are undoubtedly a number of very complex reasons for the disagreement of people’s estimates.

do you have a link for that info. about Michael J. Axe’s age vs. velocity table?

good stats. if you consider all youth leagues that is probably right.