Fastball Movement?

How can I develop movement on my 4-seam? I have a decent 2-seam but I don’t have that 4-seam that can run off the plate. I rely on my high velocity for success, but I have a friend with less velocity but his fastball moves alot. He seems to fair better with hitters that can handle my fastball. Can I have the best of both worlds?

yes you can have the best of both worlds, I know I do. Pitching in u13 and pitching at 73-76 with running action has worked well for me. There isn’t a reason why you can get movement, just work with different grips with your fastball, or try and pronate your arm.

i know what you mean
i was the same way could blow away batters but once you start moving up to the upper levels your going to have to have movement and location.

Don’t rely on your four-seam fastball to be your movement pitch
try variating different grips with your two-seam in a bullpen session and see what your results are.The movement will come.