Fastball keeps moving

Yeah, when I throw my fastball, it has like a curve or slider to it and it keeps tailing away from the plate. I need help with this, please.

id like to know this to since it goes to the outside of the plate sometimes for me. (but when it happens to me its usually late in the game and just keeps happening)

If it is cutting away from a right handed hitter that suggests that your grip might be too far to the middle finger side of the baseball. Try sliding along a little to the index finger side. Put a little more pressure on with your index finger.

If it is moving downwards enough to look like a curve or slider this may be down to insufficient rotation. This would be true especially late in a game if you’re getting tired.

are you throwing a 2 seam or a 4 seam fastball?

4 seam

If your throwing it with a normal 4 seam grip, and not losing velocity, why are you disappointed that it’s moving? I throw my fastball with slightly above average speed, but little movement so it gets hit. If you can control it I dont see why it should be a problem.

nd943 is right, get on your knees and thank God it moves and then get on your feet and work on controlling it. If it tails to the righty move your location over the plate more etc.

Top_Secret: Assuming your a right handed pither, missing outside late in the game is probably more opening your hips to early rather than actual movement. Often your motion will change just a bit when you get tired like in my case, early hip rotation can be a result late.