Fastball Grips?

Does anyone use a different grip oher than the regular 4seam fastball grip

ya theres other kinds of fastballs. 2 seamer, sinker

i meant like a different grip for the 4 seam
not a different pitch
are there any other grips for the fourseam

I know Greg Maddux grips his fastball with a bent thumb, resting the ball in between the index and middle fingers and the inner thumb.

i dont mean to be disrespectful but
i knew that and he doesnt throw a 4 seam
there are several variations of the two seam grip
but are there any variations of the four seam

Im not exactly sure, but doesnt he throw a 4 seam? i havent seen a still in awhile but i think i remember seeing a 4 seam with that grip.

he throw a four used to but i think he stopped due to lack of velocity
last time i saw him pitch i didnt see any thing straight
just a nasty sinker
hes retired if you didnt know

yea i know hes retired, but i throw a 4 seam with a tailing action, as do alot of other people.

There are endless grips for the 4 seamer.

Since the pitch isn’t named after how it is gripped but after how many seams travel through the air there really are unlimited grips.

Verlander and Zumaya like to grip theirs with the index and middle finger closer together than most other pitchers.

any examples-(pics)

does any one have pedro martinez or francisco rodriguez

I noticed Johan’s is more to the side of the C of the horsehoe:

Can’t find K-Rod, though.

thanx offset
dont mean to be annoying
does anyone have Nolan Ryans grips(all his pitches)
if possible
dont sweat it

Here is another pic of Verlander. As you can see he holds it a bit off center.