fastball grip

today i was at pitching practice and figured something out, ive never been throwing a fastball properly :stuck_out_tongue:
ive been throwing it with my thumb on the bottom-inside, index on top-inside, and middle on top-outside of the ball. As we were getting gunned i realized this and started throwing it with index and ring top-middle and thumb on bottom-middle of the ball and i jumped 4 mph!!

just thought id throw this out there cause i never realized it until today and it helped me gain velocity. I believe the reason i was throwing the ball improper my whole life is because it feels more comfortable that way, but the proper way helped me gain vlo. Just something for people to be weary of.

Sounds like your other grip is a good change up for you, now you have a fastball and a solid changeup for you to throw whenever you want since you have thrown it lots of times. Does that other pitch move at all, seems like it could cut.

i know it works beautifully cause i can control both very good :stuck_out_tongue:
it doesnt drop at all but with index and thumb pressure it breaks away from lefties a little