Fastball Grip Help

Hi I’m new anyway I had a question. Everytime I try to throw a 4-seam, 2-seam, or sinker with two fingers (like you’re supposed to) the ball slips out of my hands. Because of this, I have to resort to a three-fingered grip. Now I went to some baseball camps this summer, and most kids my age threw with two fingers. By the way, I’m 13 playing American Legion and am taller than most other 13 year olds. Anyway, is this grip going to slow down my ball, cause strange movement, or do any harm? Also, how can I get used to a two-finger grip?

You can spread your index a middle fingers a little and move the thumb to the side more. Another tip, is to put pressure on the side of the ball with the knuckle of the ring finger and the thumb. This will help keep the ball in place.

Dan Haren’s thumb is under his index finger as opposed to being in the middle of the two fingers.