Fastball grip for youth pitchers


Hi all. My son is 11 and pitches. As a younger pitcher (8 and 9), he would throw his fastball with his whole hand. Last year, I had him use a traditional grip with two fingers and his thumb. He doesn’t like it and I sometimes see him going back to full hand. I have read that using the full hand can be a change up grip but my son actually seems to throw harder with his full hand. He can throw with the traditional grip as his hands are not small for his age or anything. My question is “should I coach him to use the traditional 2 finger, 1 thumb grip or just let him use whatever grip he is most conformable with?” Insights would be appreciated.


try to get him to try three fingers on his way to getting it down to two. throwing with the whole hand chokes the ball and limits velocity. The ball should not be touching his palm or the web between his thumb and first finger.

as he gets more comfortable with that, he’ll be on his way to throwing with two fingers where he can get proper hand delivery.


Thanks. That was kind of my plan but it is good to hear it confirmed by someone that knows more about pitching than I do. Thanks!


+1 on Coach Paul’s recommendation. My son used all fingers through age 10 and transitioned to three at age 11 (after trying traditional grip & didnt like it). Started using traditional grip before he turned 12.


Yeah, try and get it down to three fingers, and when he throws with two finally he will be pitching. A whole hand pitch is not pitching as much as it is throwing.