Fastball grip (4 and 2 seam)

Is it better to grip your fastball w/your fingers apart like a curt schilling or more close together like a johan santana.

Do you want more speed with less movement or more movement with less speed?

more speed…for my four seam

more movement for my 2 seam

On the 2 seam, closer means more speed, with farther apart meaning more movement (generally). Four seams dont move much to begin with.

Not necessarily true. Farther apart means more control and less speed. (Think of a something between a fastball and a splitter.) If you put your fingers farther, you’d have to rely on finger pressure to create movement. That or wrist angle or pronation/supination.

You can create movement with your fingers next to each other. Carlos Zambrano and Tim Hudson have their fingers next to each other for their sinker grips.

I agree with xv. Placing your fingers closer together, ball out in the finger tips = faster fastball, regardless of 4 seam or 2 seam.

Fingers closer together means the ball is deeper in the hand = less mph