Fast twitch muscle fiber

What can i do to increase my fast twitch muscle fiber. I hear its important and if someone can give a better explaination that would be great thanks.

Muscles that require oxygen are called aerobic, Type 1, or slow twitch. Muscles that do not are called anaerobic, Type 2, or fast twitch. All muscle is basically going to fall into one or the other. Fast twitch muscle has a faster and more powerful contraction, but tires more quickly.

The interesting thing is that the recruitment of fast-twitch fibers are not related to speed, but rather to force. That is why high level Olympic weight lifters are able to dunk basketballs despite being extremely heavy, or outrun Olympic sprinters in short sprints. Training the body to work against heavy resistance in a short period of time requires fast twitch muscle.

Overall, the body is just trying to be as efficient as possible. So, if you constantly run long distance, then the body will try to adjust so that it will be able to run long distance more efficiently (slow twitch). This occurs at the expense of fast twitch muscle, because FT is counterproductive in long distance because it tires quickly. In the same token, if you train short, explosive activities, then the body will adapt to perform them more efficiently. This means more reliance on FT muscle fibers.

If you are really interested in the science behind it, you should check out Tudor Bompa’s book on strength theory. His explanation is better than mine (also more academic).

Thanks KC, i was hoping you would be the one to help me out :lol:. So your saying the only way to increase the strength of fast twitch fibers (if thats the right way of putting it) is to just to do quick short burst of weights and sprints etc and will help out with pitching and just baseball in general?

Speaking generally, and avoiding a lot of scientific rambling, yes.

Different athletes will have different proportions of FT to ST muscle, and it follows the demands of the sport.

Power cleans, hang cleans and all plyometrics which is what kc86 meant when he mentioned Olympic lifting.

Check out
. It’s the online version of Athlete’s Performance. (
) The workouts they do are designed to do one thing. Make you more Powerful by recruiting fast-twitch muscle fiber.[/quote]

thanks guys.

its good to have a mix of both FT and ST mucles

Can you give me some reson why please? Id like to know

Everybody has both FT and ST muscles. The difference is the proportions (basically the size of the fibers), which exist in the body. Studies have shown that explosive sport athletes have a larger proportion of fast twitch muscle. Marathon runners can have 70% ST, while Olympic weightlifters or sprinters will have 70% FT. The average untrained person will have 55% FT muscle.

You can get into the chicken and egg argument here: does an athlete have more fast twitch muscle because they train a certain way, or simply from playing the sport over a long period. I personally believe it is a mix of both.

Thanks for the explaination. But for baseball is it necessary to train for st muscle fibers?

In most cases, you’ll never perform a slow twitch type movement during a baseball game. The longest constant motion would normally be running out a triple or homerun. Baseball is all about explosive sprint, then wait around, then explosive sprint again.

I think it would be more helpful for you to forget about the muscle fiber type and just worry about training to meet the challenges of a baseball game. When you do an exercise, try to think of how it will help you improve athletically in terms of baseball performance. If you focus on that, then the muscle fiber stuff will take care of itself.

Will Do, Thanks for the help KC