Fast Sailing High

So when i get on the mound

i can stike out the side then get back up and do okay for a while and once i get the a a point were i threw like 40 pitchs its over

my accurey is off anf my fast balls go high so i relax take a min and try to get on top of my fastball and its in the area but i get to a point were i cant hit a good zone

any suggestions

Hmmm, maybe it could be because one of these things:

As you get tired you may start to stride less and this could cauyse you to throw your pitches higher.
Or it could be that you’re rushing to the plate. I believe I read somewhere that rushing will not only injury, nut you tend to leave your pitches way high.

just make sure you follow through the entire way. If you cant throw it accurately still, take some more off and throw a strike. I’;ve encountered this quite a bit this year.

yea thanks im as i get to that point if my pitch counts get high i try to sneek some bp fastballs in so i dont overexerte myself

when a pitcher starts to miss high alot of times it is due to his shoulders not being even. when the back shoulder is low the pitcher will usually miss high. when the front shoulder is low the pitcher will usually miss low. this could happen when you start to get tired and then try to throw harder with your upper body.