Fast Pitching?

A lot of coaches tell my teams that if you can hit shots in batting pratice and slow pitching then you can hit anything, any speed and the faster the pitch comming in the faster going out. Well i absoute kill slow pitching, hit bombs, then fast pitching I just hit dribblers or never make contact. Im good aganist slow pitching and can adjust to the curve, just can hit fast pitching. Because of that im only pitching. Any help on hitting faster pitching? The only thing i can come up with is have better bat speed.

See it earlier out of his hand.
See it early, hit it hard.

I’m exately opposite. Slow pitchers I have trouble more but yet again fast pitchers in my JV around here aren’t too too fast. I had a 7 game hitting streak going and it was snapped by one of the slowest pitchers i’ve faced. I also had the only hit against a kid throwing low 80s mid 70s.

alright ill try. and ya most good hitters are im not that good. lol

im opposite also


i can hammer both… just i usually swing WAY too early on slower pitching

and when i wait on it [slow pitching] i just hit linedrives right over the infeilders heads

and with fast pitching [75-80] i get lots of doubles/triples at the wall

I always kill fast pitching and slow pitches I get out in front and hit dribblers so I gues I’m opposite, maybe try a lighter bat?

well im a switch hitter but i heard and learned this… look fastball and adjust to eveything else 8)

If you’re hitting bombs against any type of pitching, chances are you have pretty good bat speed. So it must be some other aspect of you’re swing that is making you miss. Have someone take some movies of you from the side and see what your back shoulder is doing. I’d be willing to bet you’re dropping that shoulder against the faster pitching because: A-you have an upper-cut swing; and B-you’re late getting started and are trying to catch up to it, meaning that you never get the weight shifted forward.

My advice is free, and worth every penny, but here goes:

  • Hit from the tee every day, a minimum of 100 swings. Concentrate on solid contact.
  • Swing in front of a full length mirror while watching yourself, with bat if practical. Make sure that your hands lead the bat into the ball, your back shoulder doesn’t dip, and that your hips don’t fly open too early.
  • Have a friend or family member throw short toss from behind a screen and concentrate on hitting liners right back at 'em.

Hitting a baseball is the most difficult thing to do in all of sports. Find a professional hitting coach and I’m sure he will help straighten you out in no time. At the very least, he can give you some drills to work on on your own that can make a big difference.

Good luck!

start ur stride and swing earlier

You should post a vid of your swing so we could tell the problems, which could be many things. Tipically a hitter struggling with faster pitching isn’t getting the front foot down on time, or not getting to the launch position in time.

you could have a loop in your swing. I have that so I can’t hit fast pitching to well on the right side but the Left side…BAM homerun