Fast, medium, or slow windup?

ive recently went to a new windup and i cant decide how fast i should be.

should i be slow. 2.50

or medim. 2.00-2.30

or fast. 1.50

these are about how long it would take to the time i release the pitch.

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Definitely not the slow windup.
If you’ve ever seen the White Sox’ Mark Buehrle pitch, you know that he works fast, uses a fast windup, and throws strikes (or sometimes what looks like strikes). Not only does this keep the game moving, it also confuses the batters so they can’t set themselves for any particular pitch. Evenwhen he’s pitching from the stretch, he works fast, just takes the time to come to the stop of one full second which is required by the rules. And the runners can’t get a good jump on him—you may have noticed that he, like Andy Pettitte (and a couple of other pitchers), has a devastating pickoff move to first, and I’m sure you’ll want to acquire and develop such a move. 8)

The “speed” of your wind up isn’t a concern. Your timing will have several factors such as your height and how fast or slow you go from hand break to landing.

Without going into deep details on mechanics, when in the wind up don’t worry about time, worry about hitting your checkpoints so you can be your most effective at making good pitches.