Fantsy baseball?

Anyone wanna do fantasy baseball with me?

Maybe I will but I have a tough time keeping up with fantasy baseball over the course of a 162 game season.

I’m in.

where at

where at

Are you guys thinkin bout doin one of the free ones or the ones u have to pay?

i would wanna do free, just tell me where at and im in

yah i would want to do free too.
Do u guys know of any sites?

Let’s start a league for free on

Alright who wants to start it?

how do i make a team?

I will set it up in March okay? I’ve done this before and I will give you guys the name of the league, we may need to go public though so we can fill up.

You guys want pitching rotations or individual pitchers?

Rotations, individual pitchers are too hard to keep up with.

Okay, we’ll do then all their leagues are rotations.

What’s our league name gonna be?

idk you guys can pick

The Most Diverse League Ever

How about just LTPleague?

Beat me again.