fantasy football

should i do brees n santana moss for carson palmer and wes welker i would get wes welker and palmer.

Do it welker is a stud WR and palmer to T.J. (im not even going to try and spell his last name) and chad johnson (when he gets that shoulder a little better) all year should be better than brees and santana moss

do it!!!

Yeah, you’re getting two players way better than what you have.

Don’t. Looks like Houz and ocho are going to be injury risks

I’d disagree with that, and even if they were injured for say 6 games out of the season, Palmer has more weapons than Brees. Not to mention with no Stallworth, Welker will probably have like 110-120 receptions this year.

Do it, I mean you have to consider that Santana Moss is not a consistent receiver he’s hit or miss and trust me consistency is key in fantasy football. I think Drew Brees may have better numbers than Palmer this year but you really want the WRs and Welker will produce a lot better than S. Moss.

Santana Moss has never been that great, i like brees but he had a real slow start last year and hes a high pic risk. Id do it.