Family Young


If you get a chance to see this story on the MLB channel…wow…what a story…so worth seeing…daggone thing made me cry…no kidding. The abuse that Demetri took and got on film just really ripped me up…I had a kid nearly 2 decades ago whose dad laid it on him like that…the kids nickname was “Pappy”…he blew his own head off with his jerk dads .357, his brother has been in counseling since and is still not able to function.
Baseball is supposed to be fun…
When you have kids remember that ok?


Kind of off-subject, but does Dish Network have MLB Network?


Aghh! I had it set to record over a month ago when it was going to premiere. The MLB network didn’t have the scheduling act together, and still don’t, and decided to play Don Larsen’s perfect game instead…

I’ll keep my eyes out for a replay.