Falling Off?

What is it? I think I know but I’m not sure. Also what does it affect? What should one do to go about fixing the problem?

falling off is when the pitcher, if right handed doesnt land facing the batter but appears as if he “falls” to the right after throwing

take a look at papelbon or verlander, zumaya, any power pitcher really and u will see them “fall off” at the end

i dont see falling off a problem at all… i fall off and the cause of it is becuase i throw slighly across my body… it helps me with velo and control and is supposedly a big part of the kinetic chain i read somewhere

falling off for me is caused by lots of hip/shoulder seperation mixed with the stride going off towards 3rd a few cm’s

u can fix it by keeping ur centre of gravity over ur front leg more but when i do this i lose alot of velo and seem to bounce the pitch about 5 feet infront of me :shock:

It leads to the pitcher being off-balance and not in a good fielding position, but i8ts not that big a problem.

i close games so its fine for me :smiley:

There are multiple reasons you might be falling off to the side. Common reasons include balance problems, inappropriate posture changes, and timing problems (which lead to opening up early). These issues can certainly be bad. For example, opening up early puts extra stress on the arm.

This is what I’ve heard from a few coaches. I have a problem of falling off and it affects my accuracy. Right now I’ve been working on staying closed as long as possible.

What are doing to stay closed longer?

What are doing to stay closed longer?[/quote]

Nothing special really. I’m not exactly sure if what I am doing is keeping closed longer but it is helping me to reduce the occurrence of falling off. Its mostly been tweaking my upper body, glove arm, and making sure that I am relaxed on the mound. Some of my trouble stems from being too stiff and rigid with my motions and not following through.

It’s nothing special. Instead of being rigid and upright I lean over a little. During my leg kick I rotate my body a little back toward 2nd. My glove is out away from my body more, thumb to the ground, and “covers” an imaginary right-handed batter. After that, to stay loose, I just fall toward the plate and keep a loose but fast arm.

Nothing special but it helps me.

Post up some video if you can and we can probably help you further.

i think i stay closed too long because i fall off towards first base and im right handed