Falling off


My son is 12 and is becoming a good pitcher with above average velocity. This weekend he was dominate on the hill. I really don’t won’t to change his mechanics much but was wondering if he is falling off towards first to much? Look forward hearing what you all have to say.


Video is private, will have to change setting to public for others to watch.




this is a very common thing for guys to face and I used to have this problem myself. It’s caused by the lead foot not being firm and solid on the ground after landing, and also by the lead leg being too straight after landing. Work on his foot landing in a straight line underneath his head and landing with more bend in his front knee. This will help his foot absorb the impact and not roll to the side causing his knee to break outside and allowing him to rotate off.


Thanks Jake I appreciate your input. i was able to fix problems with his leg raise which gave him better balance and got him taller and then I fixed his glove hand. He has come a long way but then this falling off began it was a good tradeoff for now.


I don’t see a problem at all. If his head were to fly open or his glove were to fly open then I would be concerned. His hips are clearing and his body and head are on path to home plate. Really good mechanics for his age. Watch some pitchers in the big leagues, most of them have a tendency to land more towards their glove side.


Thanks for the feed back PSzuch. I just let him be and he is having a lot success this season. Very happy with his mechanics over all.


Good looking kid. Not falling off. He is rotating around stride leg. I wouldn’t change it.

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Thanks Ted


I can see what your talking about in his latest outing this weekend Evan pitched a no hitter.

Thanks again


IMO, the falling off isn’t a problem at all unless your worried about fielding the ball better.


Thanks for the reply green monster. I not concerned with his fielding at all. Ted22 explained how he was rotating around his pivot leg and not to change anything and when I played the videos in slow motion I saw what he meant. I thought he was off balance but that was not the case at all.