Falling off the mound

Do you see a problem or a potentail problem with this finish?


the first snip

There are several problems with that finish. One is that you have not finished in a fielding position, makes you “open season” for comebackers. But you wouldn’t be the first to be guilty of that. Second your creating damaging leverage, not rotation, by pulling yourself towards the glove side. Your momentum should be carrying you more forward. Your chest should be more over your stride leg. Try keeping your glove inside the gloveside before release then after release you can swing it all you want.

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I only had time to view one clip, but noticed a few things.

  1. As you lift your lift leg into the balance position, you squat down on your back leg as opposed to staying tall. You’re losing leverage here.

  2. Your follow-through is a bit bouncy. Instead of your arm decelerating on a nice long arch outside your opposite knee, it violently bounces back to the throwing-hand side of your body. Try to smooth that out to take stress off of the shoulder and elbow.

Good size, good arm speed. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the look Steve,we’ll work on that.

Steve on movie 379 filmed the same day he seems to be crossing that throwing arm over correctly,but what i am seeing is his front leg really whipping out toward third instead of comming straigter up.Is this ok in your opinion? he seems to be getting alot of rotation which forces him into that wilder type finish instead of a more straight up and in type of thrower.

his left side glove action seems to be ok he pulls in early but they almost finish together…I see the pros end up with their glove and throwing arms close on finish as well.hers a great page of clips for you steve…the owner is a great baseball fan as you can see.


be interested in hearing what u have to say.thanks Mark.

I see a couple of things in 382…

  1. Starts out with feet closed rather than with heels aligned and pointing toward Home Plate. He then strides a little closed as a result, which may contribute to the falling off the mound.

  2. I think he’s trying to do too much with his leg lift. He kicks his knee out (and his foot flies out) rather than doing a simpler up, down, and out lift of the leg. I think this generates horizontal movement that later causes him to fly off the mound.

  3. He starts turning his shoulders A) while his shoulders are tilted backwards and B) before his forearm is vertical.

  4. A big part of the reason that he falls off is that he stiffens his GS leg just after releasing the ball. He might not fall off the mound so much if he kept a little flex in his GS knee. This would allow him to finish in a stronger fielding position.

  5. I would prefer that the glove-side elbow stayed high and that the glove was brought into the GS pec. That would help him to rotate his shoulders.

  6. He does collapse his back leg, which will lower his release point.