Fallball pitching preview any thoughts?

When he is in his post, I think one of the most important things for young pitchers is to come straight up with the knee and not to twist back to 2nd base.

Thanks for the comment, but he saw a video of Tim Lincecum and now thats all I hear, well Lincecum does it and so and so does it and I get more speed.

Kids, if Lincecum jumped off a bridge. Well, when he loses location, then we will see.

Doesn’t that just drive you nuts, I also hear “I need that bat or that glove because so and so uses it”. Wish the pros would stop endorsing products and just play ball, guess they need the extra scratch to make ends meet. Hope he doesn’t like Youkilis, he might hit great like that but trying to make your swing look like that might be really tough.

Does anyone know if working off a mound is more stressful on the arm than working off of flat ground.


I will start with your last ?
No as long as you dont go 100% every time you do mound work we work @ 75% velocity, this is what Mazzoni did with the Braves.
I did see you talking about the shoulder turn a little is ok but you have to remember is he has to hit the same spot every time 20 to 30 deg is a good start. 1:01 mark
Now the things that jumped out at me was the huge posture change, the chest and knee coming together insted of the knee to the chest. he does not have the core strength yet to control this. I like to have my kids take the front knee to the back shoulder to assist in keeping the front side closed longer and leading with the hips. .23 mark
Get the stride distance at least 90 to 100 % of his height.
Watch that front foot it seems to be pointing to 1st caused by that from knee and foot he has to rotate that foot into foot plant the vary last sec at the .51 sec mark

Thanks for the comment, the more I watch the more I think… there is just too much going on there. I think we will simplify the process, def working on the toe point and his stride is at 90% believe it or not.

He really enjoys pitching and has had a lot of success, I really like reading this forum and letting him watch vids.

The time you spend will pay off we throw 3 days a week in season, mine is shut down for 8 weeks just working with a trainer now will start again in the pin in Oct. I really believe in keeping it simple less is more. If you want checks some of my old post to see our progression threw out the years.

I finally got the hang of posting, lol. Two short years later, a lot of hard work and fun along the way. I learned so much from reading on this site and others.

Tell me what you think, this is a USSSA tourney, he came in w/1 on and 1 out.

I can answer questions about youth baseball, coaches and instructors from my point of view.