Fall workout/winter HELP!

Hello, I’m new to this and I was seeking some advice. I’m a 6’3 190 RHP from Miami FL. I currently go to a JUCO college, and as of now i’m going to redshirt this spring. I throw 84-86 which i think is decent but hoping to increase my velocity. During my senior year i was 77-83, at the time i was getting serious doing weights and taking my pitching coach serious because i had the hieght, the weight and i couldnt throw at least mid 80s.

During the summer i trained extremely hard, got my mechanics straight and ended up throwing mid 80s topping out at 86. Now in college its a different story, i feel like i need to be high 80s, low 90s because my school is ranked and so competitive. At this point, people tell me i have the right tools to be touching 90s but unfourtantley I’m where i was projected to be during my first year in college,which gets me frustrated.

Now i need a great workout, not throwing wise but gaining strength program. I’ve felt like ive gain fat not muscle which is a problem. I have strong legs which helped me out duringn the summer, but my upper body/core isn’t because ive been worried getting tight and throwing slow.

If anyone has any good exercise i can put in my workout such as upper body workouts, lower body, etc. THANK YOU.

So If there is a good workout routine i can do that anyone recommends please help. So far i’ve been doing the following :

Mon- Legs ( real heavy, this is where my pitching coach told me to go real heavy get my legs strong )/short distance running, rubber bands ( JC BANDS from perform better.com )

Tue-Back, long distance/plyos, bands.

Wed - rest, couple poles, bands.

Thur- chest, ploys/ long distance, bands

Fri- legs, sprints, bands

Sat - back , long distance/ ploys, bands

Sun - rest