Fall Ball Workout advice

I am currently playing in a fallball league that plays on sundays. I have football mon-sat and this takes up most of my time. I longtoss and do band resistance exercises during the week, although i feel that i want to do more for my pitching during the week. Is there anything else that i can do to keep up with and improve my pitching? All advice is appreciated

when i feel like i have nothing 2 do but i wanna work i just do balance drills and take out drills
in the trainers room at my school i jus take one of those foam half cylinder things thats flat on one side and round on the other and get to my balance point and hold there for a few seconds and then finish my motion
for the take out drills i just do the same thing either on the foam thing or off and i practice breaking my hands at the right time and making sure i use my glove side arm to go out towards my target
and then tehres also the towel drill

You forgot a ‘6+’ option in your poll

Towel Drill, Mirror Drill, throw, hershiser drill

hey whats a hershieser drill?

Yea I can’t say I’ve heard that drill either Spence what is it?

Where’s the 20+ option?

Stand next to a chain link fence or padded wall, lift knee and stride into the fence/wall. The hip (or back pocket) should be the first thing to touch the fence/wall. This drill allows you to practice leading with the front hip and to get the hips moving sideways toward the target early (like before the peak of the knee lift).

http://cache.gettyimages.com/xc/236745.jpg?v=1&c=NewsMaker&k=2&d=17A4AD9FDB9CF1934A2752006EF5F0ED2AB90D06B6C9DE33][u]Orel getting it going![/u
Notice he’s leading with the front hip. No balance point there.

[quote=“Wales Diesel”]Yea I can’t say I’ve heard that drill either Spence what is it?

Where’s the 20+ option?[/quote]

Roger answered your question.

Hey! Where’s the 168 hours a week option?

i guess that drill is good if u agree with the no balance point ideology, but i believe in the balance point so im gonna stay away form that 1