Fall Ball - Think Out of the Box

Fall Ball is a great time to hone your skills, work out that play or move that seems to dog you during the past season, and overall - do things during live fire that you didn’t get a chance to perfect during the regulars season.

So, take advantage of this time and try this:

take a notebook with you and jot down everything that happened on the field during your time at play, what you did right and no so right
experiment with batting styles, grips, positions in the box
take various lead-off steps from first and see what your ability is with estimating the pitch selection, the pitcher’s time to the plate, how hot the catcher is with his/her “pop” time

There are other things that can fill your plate during Fall Ball, but, here’s something that you might have overlooked:
… you finish your current game, everyone is putting away their equipment, shaking hands with teammates and the opposition, and so forth … then you notice another team waiting to take the dugout, or bench. Here’s a great opportunity to get some extra work in. Go over to that team’s coach(s) and ask if they need another player. What have you got to lose? You’re there for the playing time - right? You’re there to sharpen your skills - right? No one is really keeping track of standings, or playoff berths- right? It’s Fall Ball!! Heck, why not go over and ask the team on the other side of the field also?

Being aggressive with what you want - and going for it, is what coaches like - they like that a lot.
Trust me on this one.

You’ll also get your name around the playing circles with other players, possibly highly talented team compositions that are looking for an aggressive guy/gal next year.

Think out of the box ladies … think out of the box. :smartguy:

Coach B.

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