Fall Ball - Think and Plan

Fall Ball - time to think and plan.

With some of you, fall ball will be a time to finish off the season. It’s also an excellent time to think and plan for your next move.

Consider thinking of the following and file away for the opportunity to use each situation to your advantage.

But first - why do this?

Every single pitcher, without question, plans for the next appearance, a long time in advance. He/she also plans for the next game, the next play scenario, the next pitch, and so on. So, prior to next season’s opener, you’ve got a lot of homework to do - like the following:

Think back to every game that you pitched and break it down batter by batter, inning by inning. Take out the bad plays behind you, take out everything that didn’t involve you directly. Go over in general terms how you felt, how well were you prepared - don’t make excuses for the actions of others, like coaches and other people. This is only about you.

Think about every single batter that you faced. Were there similarities in batting stance, hands, physical physique, batting order placement of a certain batter. Try and remember what pitches worked best against as many of these batting styles/batters as you can remember.

What surface conditions (mound) worked for you and what surface conditions worked against you? For those that didn’t support your work, what did you do to help yourself? If you’re saying “I did nothing to help myself”, then I’d look into asking someone, “why and how”.

What games did you have the best success with? How come? This is a no brainier! Why try knocking yourself out with trying to re-invent success.

How was your sportsmanship this season? Were you respectful to umpires, opposing players, coaches on the other bench? If so, you’ll have a reputation worth cultivating in #6.

Did you get the names and address of the coaches that you played against? These are valuable references with applying to a college club. Why? Because coaches that were with your club will naturally give you high marks - they don’t want to look bad as much as you don’t. But, give a reference form an opposing coach - now that’s going the distance. So, perform as though your life depended on it, be respectful, and be a gentleman.

There’s a lot more to fall ball than just playing the game. When this sport stops being a game, and starts being a future, your outlook takes on a totally different perspective.

Coach B.