Fall ball or football?

You playing one or the other this year?

Fall ball is part of the club team at U. of Wyoming so yes I will be playing fall ball!

Fall Ball this year!

Ah, how the times have changed. When I grew up, my baseball coaches actively discouraged us from playing fall baseball. :slight_smile:

We were pushed into football or other sports for conditioning.

My son is 10 yrs old and has played football for the past two years and this year decided not to play. He has asked and asked to play fall baseball and I’m not convinced its the right thing to do. Dont get me wrong, we both live baseball, but since we play about 65 games during the regular season I dont want to burn him out. My son is a very strong left handed pitcher and I want to give him time to recover as well as keep the fire burning for baseball. We will work on a strength and conditioning program this off season and mabee an occasional private lesson to keep him in shape.
Whats your opinion Steven?

Fall Ball

Fall baseball

Fall Ball and lifting/conditioning for spring season, more beneficial than Foosball IMO

no fallball but going to play on a weekly basis with friends

Fall ball to help the transition onto the big field 60 /90 a lot easier next year

Fall ball.

Will this Aug-Oct season clash with the boys playing Jr. High football too?