Fall ball 11year old

Here are a couple of new videos of my son pitching fall ball. We’ve worked on his mechanics with some of the good advice from this site thanks. Past suggestions were Hershiser drill and basic throwing especially continuous motion. Also, trying to get him to stay more closed at foot plant which he seems to have improved somewhat. He’s been working on glove control too which has also improved some. He is more balanced. He used to swing his glove way down and behind him causing him to fall to the side. I wonder what are good ways to help with glove control. Or maybe there is something more critical that he should work on. I have some ideas but would love to get any input from the knowledgeable people on this site. Thank you.

Thought I’d add a clip from yesterdays game. I think he does better with his hips and his position at footfall looks better. Still working on the glove. I may be mistaken but I think we should work on his glove now. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.

One last thing about that last clip. That is about as hard as I’ve seen him throw. It was one of his last pitches (he pitched 2 innings) and he must have been feeling pretty loose. Thanks agian.

Better posture through his stride might help with his glove side control. He needs to lead more with the glove side and pull his chest to the glove. The glove should turn palm upward as his chest comes to it finishing near his GS armpit at his left chest.

It really is a conscious effort thing. I like to start kids in the stretched out position and work from there to teach glove control. You can add the stride, balance point and knee lift after. In backward chaining the motion they get a feel for the various aspects of their mechanics, step by step.

Hey – thanks for the input. I’ll have to research what good posture would be – I assume you mean more upright. I like the idea of starting him out in the stretched out position to show him where he wants to get with the glove - we’ll try that.

Yep, that’s exactly what I meant.

Basically IMO by fixing the posture he will be in a better position through his stride to keep his shoulders closed longer, creating more hip shoulder separation.

Also again IMO keeping better posture through the stride is going to increase consistency in body positioning through the motion, helping with accuracy.