Falcons game

Did anyone else see it?!?!??!

If you didn’t:

Falcons lead for most of the game, but Orton and the Bears drove in the last minute. He threw a touchdown pass with 0:11 left and it was 20-19 Bears after the XP. Then on the squib kick the Falcons had it on their 40 with 0:07 left. Matt Ryan threw a pass and the WR got out of bounds at the Bears’ 30 with 0:01 left. Elam nails the field goal as time expires and Falcons win!!!


I think Coach Lovie Smith pulled a boner on that squib kick. Why give them a short field to work with. Isn’t that what the special teams are for…tackle them way back inside the twenty and you win 99 % of the time. chicago can’t be happy with that.

Oh yeah. The Falcons’s return man had returned one earlier but c’mon, what are the odds on that. How 'bout my Cowboys (don’t say anything…).